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Is this PFT comment about Colin Kaepernick real or sarcasm?

Pro Football Talk has had several articles about the Colin Kaepernick situation. In their most recent, one commenter had a doozy of a comment.

Tom Pennington

If you're on Twitter and are not following @PFTCommenter, you're really missing out. It might be one of the historically great satirical Twitter accounts we'll ever see. If you aren't aware, he pokes a whole lot of fun at the notion that there are some serious idiots down in the comments of Pro Football Talk. Not everybody is awful, but there are enough clowns that it is easy to satirize the whole thing.

Well, this is either one of these easily satirized commenters, or they are doing a masterful job in their own right.


The comment came in this article about TMZ attempting to stand by their original report about Colin Kaepernick. This kind of story plays right into the hands of buffoons who choose to quickly judge a situation, but something this extreme still makes me laugh. I suppose it is just as easy to ignore it, but given the seriousness of this whole situation, a little laughter can ease the tension.