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Aldon Smith's next court date set for April 29

Aldon Smith's attorneys were in court Friday for a discovery hearing. We break down what came out of the hearing.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith had a court date on Friday, in what was described as a discovery hearing. The two sides in the case are in the process of accumulating the necessary evidence, with the Santa Clara DA's office likely still putting together its case. The two sides met before the judge on Friday, and according to ABC 7 reporter Nick Smith, the next court date is April 29.

Initially, I was a little confused by that last tweet because one might read it as saying the DA was not going to discuss a plea deal with Aldon Smith. That would seem a little odd since the DA is still accumulating evidence. The DA has to consider the interests of the citizens of Santa Clara county, and such interests might call for a plea bargain. I tweeted Nick to get some clarification, and he sent this along:

A plea deal would seem to remain a possibility, and the DA was simply stating he would not discuss plea negotiations with the media. That's perfectly reasonable, although odds are good information will leak out. I remain convinced the two sides will come to a plea agreement. The gun charges are going to be tough to prove given the knowledge requirement. Socalisteph put together a solid rundown back in October of why this is the case.