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Saturday evening open thread

Jeff Gross

It's kind of a quiet evening, but I figured I'd throw open a random open thread for discussion. The thread about the PFT comment could have served as such, but understandably people are more enamored by the comment!

The most notable event tonight is probably Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley. It is a rematch of their extremely controversial finish back in 2012. Bradley won a split decision in what many viewed as awful scoring. Much has changed since then, but it is still a big fight for the two men. If you're watching the fight, feel free to chat about it here.

Other than that, there's some evening baseball (Go A's!), basketball (Warriors played last night), and hockey (all three California teams are playing tonight).

Feel free to chatter away. We're still four weeks from the draft, so I'd say enjoy some non-mock draft talk for the evening!