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The NFL Draft, where character slander is expected and encouraged

Draft season brings out the worst in anonymous personnel people, as they slander draft prospects in the name of benefiting their team. We take a look at the worst of it.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, a newspaper published an article in which an anonymous "NFC personnel man" called South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney spoiled and lazy. As media has grown, particularly online, we've seen more and more of these hatchet jobs by personnel folks. For many, it is easy to assume it's somebody trying to get a player to slip a little. Other teams might ignore it, but if a team is on the fence, a little seed of doubt could be the difference to get a guy dropping one or two big spots.

Unfortunately, people frequently gloss over the fact that this idea of trying to get a player to slip is character assassination. I realize that many big stories are discovered through anonymous sources, but when it involves slandering a person's character anonymously, who is actually benefiting from this?

And it actually gets a little worse given the fact that the media will let such anonymous sources spew their venom. It is possible they are giving their source an outlet to benefit his own team, which means the "journalist" is not doing his job to inform the public, but rather kow-towing to that person. Who is that benefiting?

It's quite the coincidence this comes up today in light of the Colin Kaepernick stuff. If the various reports out there today prove true, Kap has every reason to be furious with a variety of people. TMZ has continuously addressed this as a sexual assault investigation. Others have heaped mountains of judgment on him for getting himself stuck in this situation. We don't even know yet if he was actually there. Barrows report is also from an anonymous source, so we do need to take it with a grain of salt. However, some folks feel they have more than enough to judge away.

Early this afternoon, Spencer Hall from Every Day Should Be Saturday decided it was time to provide his own slanderous content about draft prospects. He provided his thoughts on various players, but remember, he said NONE of it!