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2014 NFL mock draft: The SB Nation pick is in for the 49ers!

The SB Nation blogger mock draft has reached the 49ers, and Niners Nation went with the guy a lot of people want.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I put together a post calling for a vote on what prospect I should select with the 49ers first round pick in SB Nation's 2014 NFL mock draft. Well, your favorite option was there. 72 percent of voters said they wanted TCU cornerback Jason Verrett, and that is who they got! The Patriots blogger ended up selecting Auburn defensive end Dee Ford, which left Verrett there for our 49ers. You can view the entire mock story stream here.

I'm still waiting for them to post Dan Kadar's feedback on the post, but I do know that he tweeted out that he viewed the pick as the biggest steal of the first round. It was an interesting first round for cornerbacks. They went as follows:

22. Kyle Fuller - Eagles
24. Justin Gilbert - Bengals
25. Bradley Roby - Chargers
26. Darqueze Dennard - Browns

There was that mini-run, which is an interesting area given the love for Gilbert and Dennard. A lot of mocks have those two going in the teens, although lately Dennard has been slipping in mocks. The mock draft reflects a given media person's belief based on what they know and what they are continually learning during the draft process.

In reality, barring a player getting hurt or arrested, their draft stock likely is not going to change like we see in mock drafts. Teams might move guys one or two spots here or there as they watch more film, and learn more about a player, but in reality, draft boards are likely getting pretty close to settled at this point.

This mock will carry on into the second round. It remains to be seen who will slip toward either of the 49ers two 2nd round picks. I'll post an update as we get closer so we can start sorting through the 49ers options.