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Niners Nation Podcast pre-post: Submit your questions for tonight's show!

The NN Podcast took a week off last week, but Tre is back at it again! What topics do you want to hear about?

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft being pushed back nearly a full month, April is dragging on. Coupled with the fact that my co-host Jason has had some work-scheduling anomalies, we took last week off. No, sadly we didn't go on vacation, rather we simply didn't record a show.

I'm back at it, solo, this week. While Jason is off managing a restaurant, I'll be locked in my basement bringing you 49ers news, analysis, opinions, more opinions, and general nonsense.

There have been a lot of happenings in the previous two weeks, but specifically, what things do you want to hear about in this week's show? Leave some thoughts in the comments and I'll read through them while I record tonight.

I'll post the show audio on Thursday in all it's (fabricated) glory, so check back!