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The Brandon Lloyd Highlight Reel

I try to use this newfangled thing called "YouTube."

Otto Greule Jr

Today I am presenting videos and using words to frame them. One of the benefits of writing in an online / digital format is the ability for one to mix different forms of media into an article. Certain people are really good at it; I am not. So, today is an experiment. Whereas I normally write a lot of words with minimal video content (read: no video content), today I want have a post with more video content so that I can learn how to better balance the two. I'm not exactly a Lilliputian by nature, but I don't have such a sophisticated knowledge of technology to innovate in articles with ease.

So, when I learned that the San Francisco 49ers re-signed Brandon Lloyd, I figured this would be as good of a chance as any to try it out. He is basically a walking highlight reel, since his method of catching the football is "catch this ball in a way more complicated way than was ever necessary for catching it." Usually. Occasionally, he has to make the crazy catch, and he usually does. Other times he just ducks...

Here is the first of three videos:

Brandon Lloyd Diving TD Catch Against Bills (via Zakary Hawkins)

I put this one first because it's most recent. He is still making these types of catches as a Patriot. Will we see them this season?


Brandon Lloyd Outrageous Catch vs. Seahawks 2003 (via DraftAmerica)

This is one of my favorite catches of all time. I think what makes Lloyd so great to watch is how odd and lanky he is. His body is so controlled, obviously. That's how he stays in bounds. But his limbs just move about all willy-nilly. It's so funny to watch.

Finally (I suggest skipping about 40 seconds into this one):

Brandon Lloyd Highlights (via Ownefede)

I like this highlight reel a lot. I think it's a solid one that isn't 9 minutes long.