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49ers free agent Jonathan Goodwin visits with New Orleans Saints

49ers free agent Jonathan Goodwin reportedly visited with the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday. We break down what it could potentially mean with regard to the comp pick formula.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Center Jonathan Goodwin reportedly spent Wednesday visiting with the New Orleans Saints. All indications are the San Francisco 49ers made it pretty clear heading into the offseason that they did not plan on bringing Goodwin back. At one point last year, Goodwin indicated he would consider retirement after the season. However, there were reports earlier in the offseason that he was looking to play at least one more year.

The Saints are a very good landing spot for Goodwin. They lost starting center Brian de la Puente to free agency (former 49ers UDFA!), and right now reserve interior lineman Tim Lelito is the only real option. Even if he has a chance to develop into a long-term starter, Goodwin would be a great mentor for him, whether it be just in camp, or over the course of a full season.

This is pertinent to 49ers fans because of the comp pick formula. At this point, Goodwin is likely looking at the veteran's minimum, which would pay him $955,000. He earned $2.5 million in his final season with the 49ers. I suppose it is possible he gets more than the league minimum, and that's what we all should be hoping for at this point. If he earns enough, he gets added to the comp pick formula, and potentially nets the 49ers another one in 2015.

As our offseason tracker currently stands, the 49ers have lost three qualifying free agents (out of five total), and signed one (out of two total). I'm not holding my breath that Goodwin gets more than the minimum (and any nominal signing bonus), but you never know!