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Niners Nation Podcast: Hotels, airports, and a prodigal son

You asked, Tre answered! We solicited your questions on NN and Twitter, now listen to YOUR topics discussed on this week's show!

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After taking a week off due to scheduling conflicts and the general "blah" of waiting for the delayed 2014 NFL Draft, Tre is back at it again. We solicited your questions via NN and Twitter for discussion on the show, and I think we got to every one of them (as of the time of recording the show).

Much has happened in the last two weeks, including Aldon Smith acting the fool in the LAX airport, Colin Kaepernick involved (or was he?) in some sort of incident with a seemingly crazy woman in Miami who wouldn't leave his hotel room, and news that former 49er Brandon Lloyd was returning to play for the team on a one-year deal.

Tre talks about all of this and more, so check it out!

You can listen to this episode of the podcast right here on this page using the player above, or on iTunes by searching "Niners Nation". For archive listeners on Android devices, try the Podkicker app.

As a higher quality option, try this link at SoundCloud: