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Michael Crabtree getting in the mood for San Jose Sharks playoff hockey

Bruce Bennett

The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are officially underway, and the San Jose Sharks begin their attempt to bring home Lord Stanley's trophy later this summer. The Sharks open the playoffs with a California battle against the Los Angeles Kings. The puck drops for Game 1 tonight at 7:30 p.m. PT on NBC Sports Network.

On Wednesday afternoon, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree sent out this rather innocuous tweet:

He's from Dallas, so it's not a shock that he is rooting for the Stars. And no, that does not mean he is set to leave the 49ers for the Cowboys when he hits free agency!

Shortly after sending that tweet, the San Jose Sharks got wind of it and had a response:

Crabtree responded:

There are plenty of rules about who to root for, but I think I can live with this. Someone made a good point in a response, tweeting that he could root for both except when they played each other. That seems fair. I'm not a fan of people trying to say, "Well, I like both teams, so whomever wins, I'm happy." Sorry, it doesn't work that way!

And the 49ers put an absolutely fantastic bow on top of this whole thing with a tweet earlier this afternoon. The Bay Area teams do a good job wishing other sports' teams luck in their given playoffs. The 49ers hit a home run with this one (yes, mixing metaphors to some extent!).

Feel free to talk NHL playoffs or whatever else in here. Good luck to the Sharks!