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Brandon Lloyd made a zombie movie last year!

Brandon Lloyd was busy during his year off. He made a zombie movie!

Jim Rogash

The San Francisco 49ers announced Tuesday morning that they had signed wide receiver Brandon Lloyd to a 1-year contract. Lloyd joins a wide receiver corps that features locks at the top two spots, in Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin. Quinton Patton was a front-runner for playing time as the third receiver, but Lloyd will bring added competition to training camp.

Last September, there were reports the 49ers were among six or seven teams that approached Lloyd about a job. Lloyd reportedly rejected al the teams, claiming he did not feel physically or mentally ready to continue in the NFL. He ended up sitting out the season.

It would appear he feels physically and mentally ready to get back into the game. One question is why he felt he wasn't ready last year. Well, it turns out Lloyd was making a movie. And not just any movie. It was a movie about zombies, that starred one of the lesser known Baldwin brothers! I don't think Lloyd was starring in it, but he had a role as a police officer. And we've got some footage!

The movie is called "After Effect", but also apparently was called "The Removed". I'm guessing going by two different names is not a good thing, but considering it also was a direct-to-DVD, I think we already knew that.

Fortunately, there is proof the movie happened! This first video features a scene with Lloyd. I believe he is the lead police/SWAT/whatever person.

This second video is the full trailer. We see a little of Lloyd, but not much.