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49ers, Ravens to scrimmage after their preseason game

The 49ers and Ravens will mix it up after their Aug. 7 preseason matchup.


The San Francisco 49ers will scrimmage with the Baltimore Ravens following their August 7 preseason matchup. Matt Barrows initially reported this would happen prior to the preseason game, but the Baltimore Ravens confirmed it would actually happen after the preseason game.

This is fairly standard around the NFL -- it doesn't happen with every team every season, but clubs will often hold joint practices and scrimmages. The 49ers used to do it with the Oakland Raiders before that got messy.

Well, that didn't get messy, but fan-on-fan relationships proved to be messy at the actual preseason games so those opportunities aren't really around anymore. Now, what's so noteworthy about this one, despite the fact that the Ravens beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl and the fact that these two teams are coached by siblings?

Wait that's plenty worthy of note! I'm not saying there's bad blood or anything, but I have to wonder if the competitiveness of both Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh finds its way onto the field. They're brothers, which means they don't want to be shown up at anything that can have any kind of competitive nature to it. Or at least, that's how it is with me and my brother. And I doubt there's a human on this planet as competitive as Jim Harbaugh.

It's easy to joke around and suggest things are going to go down, but honestly, I'd assume both brothers will do what they always do and the same thing they did when confronted about the Harbowl (ugh) -- downplay the importance of the fact that they're related. Still interesting, though.