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Dr. James Andrews gives Aaron Colvin strong endorsement at 3-month mark of ACL recovery

Dr. James Andrews provided a strong endorsement of Aaron Colvin's rehab at the 3-month mark. We break down what that means as his visit with the 49ers approaches.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma cornerback Aaron Colvin tore his ACL on January 21 during the week of practices leading up to the Senior Bowl. Colvin was considered by many to be a first or second round caliber talent before the injury. Once he went down, he popped on some of our radars as a potential red-shirt candidate for the San Francisco 49ers.

Well, red shirt is looking like less of an option as each day passes. His surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, released this letter as Colvin nears the 3-month mark in the coming days.

The letter indicates his progress is excellent, and more importantly, his prognosis for playing in 2014 is very good. The letter does not clarify if that means a potential NFI list stint to start the season, but Dr. Andrews seems fairly enthused about this.

Colvin told SiriusXM NFL Radio that he has a visit planned with the 49ers in the near future, and National Football Post is saying the visit is scheduled for the coming week. I'm not quite sure on the timing because he also reportedly has a Pro Day planned on April 23. I haven't seen updates on the Pro Day in recent weeks, so it's possible that has changed. He was planning on sprinting at that workout, so we'll see if that still comes to pass.