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DeSean Jackson to sign with Washington, ending DJaxWatch before it can begin

The DeSean Jackson mini-drama is over, with the free agent wide receiver signing with Washington. We break down what it means for them, and what it means for the 49ers moving forward.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that, DJaxWatch is over. Reports out of Washington indicate DeSean Jackson is set to sign a 3-year deal with the Fightin' Snyders. DC NBC reporter Dianna Russini was the first to report a deal was completed late last night. Darren Heitner is reporting this morning that it is a 3-year, $24 million deal with $16 million guaranteed. Pro Football Talk has said the deal is not signed, but the $16 million is fully guaranteed. Adam Schefter followed up saying Jackson is set to earn $8 million this year. I would assume that is a mix of signing bonus and base salary.

The news is not a surprise. There were rumors the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns were potentially getting into the mix, but I remain convinced much of that was agent Joel Segal's attempts to leverage Washington. We've heard more and more reports that there was some level of interest from the 49ers. Whatever the case, it is pretty clear the Washington deal was higher than the 49ers were going to go. It was not a crazy amount of money, and I imagine once we get an idea of the cap hits, it won't be too awful. When you're talking three year deals in the NFL, it's hard to get in too much of a huff.

49ers fans that wanted to see DeSean Jackson will get a chance to see him next year when Washington comes to town. Washington had a pair of solid wide receivers in Pierre Garcon and Andre Roberts, but this obviously gives them some serious depth at the position. If Robert Griffin III can stay on his feet and avoid too many big hits, this is a fairly impressive offense. We'll see how that offensive line holds up.

As for the 49ers, they continue forward with their 11 draft picks ready to make it rain in the 2014 NFL Draft. They need to hit on a wide receiver as there do remain long-term questions at the position. Anquan Boldin is signed for two more years, Michael Crabtree is signed for one more year, and Quinton Patton is signed for three more years. There has been no word on contract negotiations with Crabtree. I don't think we can infer anything from that, although plenty of people will.

I do think the team can re-sign Crabtree, but it is no sure thing. The salary cap is going to be increasing a pretty sizable amount the next couple years, but the 49ers have a lot of in-house talent due for new contracts. It all comes down to how the 49ers prioritize each player. Colin Kaepernick obviously tops the list, but you've also got Crabtree, Aldon Smith, Mike Iupati and others due for new deals. The 49ers have them prioritized in a certain order, but even that doesn't guarantee a deal will get done. If guys like Iupati and Crabtree hit the open market, it grows tougher to sign them. Iupati in particular could be due for some big money. He is coming off a less than stellar 2013, but if he can stay healthy through 2014, he could be in line for a sizable payday.

We'll wait and see how it plays out, as well as how the 49ers approach the position in the draft. Cornerback strikes me as their biggest need, but wide receiver is not that far behind. Some folks have suggested a dramatic move up to grab a Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins, but I simply don't see that happening. If the team moves up in the first round, I see it being for a cornerback. This is a deep year for both positions, so the 49ers could also just let the draft come to them.