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2014 NFL mock draft database: Will the offseason workout program give us a little more insight?

The 49ers will start up their offseason workout program on Monday. Will it impact what we think of defensive linemen picks?

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

We're back for another round of the 2014 Niners Nation mock draft database. Things aren't really changing a whole lot, with cornerback leading the way in 12 of the mocks, wide receiver next at 9, and then 7 defensive linemen. Since things aren't changing a whole lot, I figured I'd use the database update to look at a new mock each week that is not already included.

This week, I figured I'd roll out a slightly older writer mock draft. 49ers writer Chris Biderman took part in it, covering the 49ers picks, and they went through three rounds. The mock is subscription protected, so I'll try and pull out some of the pertinent details.

In assessing the 49ers needs, Biderman covered 49ers needs, but went about it slightly different than many of us might have otherwise considered. Here is a rundown of his picks:

1 (30). DE Stephon Tuitt
2 (56). CB Loucheiz Purifoy
2 (61). WR Davante Adams
3 (77). S Terrence Brooks
3 (94). WR Jarvis Landry

Chris said earlier this week that he sticks with his intuition on the defensive line pick in the first round. The defensive line pick could depend in part on how the team assesses Tank Carradine's recovery over the next few weeks. The 49ers start up their offseason workout program on Monday. With the draft still almost three weeks away, that means we'll get an idea of where the team stands with certain injuries. We know Tank had a procedure done shortly after the season ended. He needed some scar tissue cleaned up, but we don't know where he stands in his recovery since then.

When the draft gets here, the 49ers will still be in strength, conditioning and rehab work, so we won't know a whole heck of a lot. That being said, we'll have a little bit more information than we would have if the draft was coming up later this week.

On a side note, the Loucheiz Purifoy pick is a little bit amusing at this point. Word came out recently that the cornerback prospect was busted in March with marijuana and bath salts. An arrest warrant was quashed because he became an informant for the police. Given his growing profile, I'm not entirely sure how good an informant he can be moving forward. I also can't imagine this is good for his draft stock! Character slippage!