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Golden Nuggets: Hopefully we can make it to the NFL Draft

Sunday, April 20, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

You know the stereotypical billboards/signs that say "Accident Free For X Days" -- where "X" is the number of days? This offseason, I feel like we've essentially had one of those up here at Niners Nation, or more accurately down at San Francisco 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara.

Fortunately, it seems like we can turn it to three or maybe even four days at this point. I have a tendency to lose track of time when all of this crazy stuff is going on. Whatever the case, I'm just hoping we make it to the 2014 NFL Draft without anymore headlines. Of course, we have Aldon Smith's court date coming up, but hopefully that will go well.

Onto the links and such.

Miami police: Kaepernick wasn't there when we arrived (Barrows)

With Harbaugh, not staying in-house leads to doghouse (Branch)

San Francisco 49ers fans petition BART to change new car seat colors from Seattle Seahawks' neon green and blue (MercuryNews)

49ers, Ravens will practice together; Harbaugh family together in Ohio (Branch)

Replacing Aldon Smith not a one-man job (Maiocco)

Crab cakes and football: 49ers will open exhibition season with extended stay in Maryland (Inman)

If 49ers decline option on Smith, Baalke's 2011 draft takes a hit (Maiocco)

Comparing Draft Prospects to Current 49ers: Defense (49ers)

Comparing Draft Prospects to Current 49ers: Offense (49ers)