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Source: Chris Culliver called authorities himself after hit-and-run incident

In the wake of the seemingly wild incident involving multiple hit-and-runs, a source says it was Chris Culliver himself who phoned authorities.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On March 28th, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was allegedly involved in a pair of hit-and-runs which happened back to back in San Jose. Culliver allegedly struck a bicyclist, then fled the scene before hitting a vehicle and attempting to leave that scene as well. When police arrived they discovered he had in his possession a weapon commonly known as "brass knuckles", which carries a felony charge itself.

Early-on there were reports that Culliver was actually brandishing the weapon, allegedly threatening someone who was trying to prevent his escape from the second scene. The whole thing paints a picture of Culliver that I'm sure none of us want to be true.

Well perhaps he's not so bad after all. I've been told by a source not connected with the team, but familiar with the situation, that it was actually Culliver who called the police after the events that day. It appears as though he panicked after striking the cyclist and took off, then after he struck the vehicle and realized what he was doing, he stopped and essentially turned himself in.

I'm also told that the reports of Culliver threatening witnesses with the brass knuckles are not true. The police did not charge him with anything related to a threat of violence, either, though charges can always be added later-on as the investigation continues.

This certainly doesn't excuse his previous actions, but if true it may help his image at least a little bit, in that he realized what he did was wrong and owned up to it. From what I'm told, Culliver is not a "thug" type, rather young-and-dumb, so to speak.