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Terrelle Pryor traded to Seahawks, 49ers reportedly were in the mix

The Seattle Seahawks have acquired quarterback Terrelle Pryor for what is being reported is a 7th round pick. There are also reports the 49ers tried to get in the mix.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have added a little bit of competition to their quarterback position, as per Pro Football Talk, they sent a seventh round pick to the Oakland Raiders for Terrelle Pryor. Russell Wilson is not going to be challenged for his starting job, but Pryor can compete with Tarvaris Jackson and B.J. Daniels for the second and third quarterback spots.

What is most interesting for 49ers fans is that PFT is also reporting the 49ers were involved in discussions for Pryor. The Seahawks only have their original seventh round pick (No. 32 in the round, No. 247 overall). That means either the Raiders did not want to deal to their regional rivals and 2014 opponent, or the 49ers were not willing to offer up any of their seventh rounders. Well, they weren't willing to offer them up beyond "conditional" status. It is possible the Seahawks offered their seventh with no conditions, while the 49ers would only offer their seventh with a condition that Pryor make the roster. We don't know for certain, but that's my guess.

Seattle is a low risk situation for Pryor, but he'll still need to show something in training camp to earn a roster spot. Pryor has potential, but he remains a relatively raw prospect. He showed some signs early last season, but it never really worked out for him in Oakland. We'll see what he can make of his situation in the Pacific Northwest.