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Patrick Willis has some bad-ass cleats

The 49ers are back for the offseason workout program, and we may have the best picture we'll get!

The San Francisco 49ers returned to Santa Clara as a unit on Monday, kicking off the team's voluntary offseason workout program. The entire is not present, as we discussed a little bit earlier, but the 49ers seem to have a pretty solid showing the first day. Up above you can check out some video footage from the first day of workouts, courtesy of the 49ers PR department. It's fairly low key, but it's a lot more than we've had the last three months!

The folks at released a gallery of 68 pictures from the first day of workouts, which you can check out HERE. The gallery gives us some clues as to who is in attendance. Beyond the pictures, Matt Maiocco tweeted that Aldon Smith was in attendance. I thought I saw him in one picture, but I was not positive.

I point all this out because we're all in the mood for football-related "stuff", but I also wanted to drop this picture in:

That is a picture of Patrick Willis's new cleats for this season. I don't know if he'll use them every game, but damn they're awesome. Seeing "Pain" on the back reminds me of one of my favorite movie clips of all time: