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Niners Nation Podcast pre-post for week of 4/20/14: Get involved!

What topics do you want to hear about on tonight's Niners Nation Podcast?

The Niners Nation Podcast is back for another episode and we want to know what's on your mind! We'll cover the usual topics of transactions, player mis-behavings and investigations, off-season workouts, and the NFL Draft, PLUS the NFL Schedule release!

But we're here to serve, so let us know some things you'd like to hear us discuss and we'll tackle them one at a time. Have a particular draft-crush you'd like to hear more about? Maybe you're confused about the situation with Colin Kaepernick in Miami. Where did Tre get his deep sexy voice?

These are just a few examples of great topics you might suggest for the show! So comment below or tweet your questions out with the #NNPodcast hashtag and we'll read them on the show!

Check back to Niners Nation tomorrow for the archive audio to be posted, as we will record it offline for optimal quality. There's a chance we may also broadcast LIVE tonight, so stay-tuned!

Disclaimer: Yes I'm aware that using so many exclamation points makes me look like a 12-year old girl.