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Niners Nation Podcast: 49ers schedule PLUS NFL Draft talk w/Ethan Hammerman

Jason and Tre talk draft with Ethan Hammerman of Draft Mecca, then we'll talk with James Brady about the 49ers 2014 schedule.

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Jason and Tre welcome Ethan Hammerman of Draft Mecca to talk about some of the 49ers options in the upcoming NFL Draft, including "edge-player" (listen to hear about the term!), CB, WR, and Safety.

Then we'll talk with NN's own James Brady about the 49ers 2014 schedule: Who are the cream-puffs, who could be better than expected, and how does the flow of the schedule look?

You can listen to this episode of the podcast right here on this page using the player above, or on iTunes by searching "Niners Nation". For archive listeners on Android devices, try the Podkicker app.

As a higher quality option, try this link at SoundCloud: