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Candlestick Park to close with Paul McCartney concert, Joe Montana-Dan Marino flag football game

The 49ers are out of Candlestick Park, but there are still several events to close out the stadium.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers played their last game at Candlestick Park in December, and will open up Levi's Stadium later this summer. However, while the 49ers move onward and upward, the city of San Francisco is still winding down at the Stick. It sounds like the stadium will not be demolished until some time in 2015, and until then, there will be a variety of events celebrating the place.

The two most notable events to close out the stadium have to be Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino in a flag football game in July, and then a Paul McCartney concert in August. The flag football game hit the news wire earlier today. It is scheduled for July 12, and tickets will go on sale May 10, with price points of $30 and $50.

The Super Bowl XIX "re-match" will follow a flag football game between the San Francisco police and fire departments. And I have to think there will be plenty of chuckles to be had on the field between Montana and Marino. Maybe Dan can get at least a small bit of revenge for the throttling his Dolphins took at Stanford Stadium back in 1985.

The McCartney concert was announced earlier today as well, on the singer's website. The concert will take place on August 14, as part of McCartney's "Out There" tour. For those that don't know, The Beatles played their final concert together at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966. There were some rumors McCartney would have the first concert at Levi's Stadium, but that seems to be off the table for now.

Here is a rundown of some other events that are tentatively set to take place at Candlestick Park this year:

  • US Men's World Cup team soccer match vs. Azerbaijan (May 27)
  • Women's pro soccer match featuring Bay Area Breeze (June 2)
  • Mexican club soccer match (teams) (July 6)
  • Youth sports camps and flag football tournament
  • Giants/49ers community open house (July 27)
  • Major closing concert (date TBD)
  • Auction/yard sale (Sept)