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Chris Mortensen hearing not-so-surprising rumors 49ers 'could be very aggressive in this draft.'

ESPN's Chris Mortensen passed along some rumors about the 49ers and the upcoming draft. There is chatter they could be aggressive and make a big move. This would not surprise us.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Chris Mortensen was on TV earlier today talking about the 2014 NFL Draft, and he had some hot takes about the 49ers plans in two weeks. Our man Nick Chiamardas tweeted that Mort said the 49ers would be aggressive. Rotoworld's Evan Silva tweeted the following:

I don't think there's anything remotely surprising about the notion that the 49ers might get aggressive in this year's draft. They've got 11 picks, six of which are in the first three rounds. They have needs, but few that are immediately pressing. That means the team can be incredibly flexible with their picks and how they maneuver.

They can do a lot of different things with their picks, but the inference created by Mortensen's report is that the 49ers are looking to make a big splash in the first round. I expect the 49ers to be aggressive throughout the draft, but if they have a guy in mind in the first round, they have the assets to move just about anywhere in the first round. Mort seems to infer they could try and climb as high as No. 5, and while I don't know that Baalke & Co. would spend their assets like this, nothing is out of the realm of the possible.

We got a little bored with this on Twitter, and it resulted in some off-the-wall amusement. Feel free to post your most ridiculous rumor: