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Golden Nuggets: Jim Harbaugh has his QB's back

Saturday, April 26, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone. There are less than two weeks until the draft and I have to say, I hate every second of it. Just kidding, that's what I would say if I wasn't so thankful for these boring days before the draft. I learned my lesson, the mighty offseason clearly doesn't enjoy us mere mortals make fun of it. Message received, ixnay on the oringbay.

Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke both spoke yesterday. Trent covered just about every topic but Jim's take on Colin Kaepernick was one of my favorite reads of the entire offseason. Jim feels similar to a lot of us in that at this point, it looks like Colin is going to be absolved of TMZ's allegations (the ones that never came from the woman as far as I can tell.) Harbaugh called it a "jump the gun witch hunt" and claimed that the only victim was Colin Kaepernick's reputation. I feel better about this one particular situation every time new information comes out. It's just a shame we are going to have to see the R-bomb dropped in forums all season because naturally, the other side of the story (the one that isn't as interesting) won't get anywhere near the coverage. Harbaugh on Miami investigation: ‘The only victim in Colin’s case is Colin’s reputation’ (Branch)

Baalke Speaks:

Trent Baalke spoke on a number of issues yesterday, you can find the entire transcript split into four parts here, here, here, and here.

Baalke hopes Aldon Smith can stay with the 49ers longterm (Gin)

Baalke disappointed in Smith’s actions but not abandoning him; shares thoughts on Kaepernick, James, more (Inman)

Baalke: Miami incident not changing thoughts on Kaepernick contract (Maiocco)

Baalke: 49ers aren’t shopping LaMichael James (Branch)

Thoughts on Trent Baalke's comments (ESPN)

Local Pro-Day:

The 49ers hosted their annual local Pro-Day yesterday and Jerry Rice Jr. was on hand to work out for the team.

49ers checking out tight ends; list of pre-draft visits (Barrows)

49ers Pro Day: Jerry Rice Jr. Among Draft Prospects (49ers)

49ers check out top receiver, local draft prospects (Maiocco)


Swingers: Anthony Davis' injury will give backups more exposure (Barrows)

Bowman, Iupati making progress from significant injuries (Maiocco)

Dobbs Signs 49ers Restricted Free Agent Tender (49ers)