Crabtree gone after 2014

Drafting a WR high in the first round is crucial this year. It has to be Evans or Watkins. It's a no brainier that Crabtree won't be back in 2015. His contract demands will be too high for his value plus he is injury prone. He'll be looking for a contract that pays him 8-10 million per year. With Boldin on the other side, we'd be spending 14-16 million just in starting WR's. Draft Evans this year with the intention of starting him next year alongside Boldin and we only invest 8 million for our starters. Another scenario is that Patton proves himself to a starting caliber WR and we let Boldin go after 2014 and we start Patton and Evans in 2015 while only spending 3 million for our starting WR's.

Expect LaMichael James and possibly Ray McDonald to be traded this year for draft picks next year and/or a corner from another team. LMJ is expendable and it's expected that Carradine can replace McDonald. Yes, there is some risk there but it's an acceptable risk at this point.

That is the formula that will keep us competitive for the long term.

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