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Cody Latimer spends serious time with 49ers WR coach John Morton

The 49ers wide receiver coach spent extensive time with Indiana University wide receiver Cody Latimer. It could mean one of several things, but it's hard to say anything with certainty.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

Friday morning, Indiana University wide receiver Cody Latimer put on a workout with something like 25 teams in attendance. The San Francisco 49ers were one of the teams in attendance, and it's possible they might have been a bit more interested than others. According to senior analyst and former personnel guru Gil Brandt, the 49ers spent a sizable chunk of time with Latimer.

We can never know for certain what's going on with player visits, but this would seem like some serious detail on Morton's time with Latimer. The fact that he spent an hour and a half, and was going over the playbook is certainly more interesting than just, "they spent time with him after the workout" and that was it.

I think many of us are naturally skeptical about how much the 49ers are actually interested in a given player. This could be a sizable smoke screen to get Latimer selected before their 30th pick, which in turn would potentially move down a player they are actually interested in. Or the 49ers are actually interested in him, and are willing to let that information be known.

I would generally lean towards the former, but the fact that it was Morton talking with him, and he was spending so much time with him talking playbook has to mean something right? It's possible Morton emerged from the meeting deciding he did not in fact want Latimer, or it confirmed his interest. As you can see, I have no idea what to actually make of this. The good news is we'll get closure on Latimer in just under two weeks.