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49ers 2014 schedule: Cell phone, desktop wallpaper, Google Calendar option

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers 2014 schedule was released earlier this week, which means it is time to find some desktop and cell phone backgrounds. I did some snooping around the 49ers sub-Reddit, and also came across this thread at 49ers Webzone.

If you're looking for something for your phone or computer to track the 49ers schedule, here are a few options. Additionally, if you know of any other great backgrounds, or programs for tracking the 49ers schedule, drop links down in the comments.

Computer desktop

General Schedule 1

General Schedule 2 (lesser quality)

Kap Schedule 1

Kap Schedule 2

Boldin Schedule

Cell Phone

General Schedule

iPhone 5 specific

If you're looking for something particularly interesting, here are a couple things that go beyond just backgrounds.

Google Calendar - You can subscribe to this, and it will import all the games to your calendar, and update with scores and whatnot.

Files to import - You can import .csv, .ics and .xml files for Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.