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Golden Nuggets: What exactly is the 49ers biggest draft need?

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


With the NFL draft being "only" 36 days away, free agency is all but over and even the pro days are winding down. Now we wait. Now we speculate. A few sites conducted polls with their readers about what exactly the 49ers biggest draft need is. Unsurprisingly, CB took the cake following the Chris Culliver arrest and felony charges. At this point its hard to say what is going to happen with Culliver, the NFL routinely sees players charged with worse than Culliver playing immediately following their crime. If I had to guess, I would say Culliver plays and starts this season as the legal process takes time to sort this mess out. If Culliver starts, and we don't know that he will, I am not of the opinion that CB is a huge need. One should still be picked relatively early regardless, but I don't think it is the absolute need that some make it out to be. Even if he is cut, or in jail, or whatever else could possibly happen to him, I don't think pigeonholing yourself into one specific need is a good strategy come draft day.

One of the more potentially interesting things about next season is how much the offense will be revamped. I am a brazen supporter of more three wide sets and less jumbo packages. The 49ers receivers are great blockers compared to their peers around the league, spreading them out should limit the eight man boxes we see and make run plays more successful on average. With that in mind, I would actually state that finding the best WR that they can is the 49ers biggest draft need, whether that is in the first round or not is up to Baalke. Most of the time, just stating a position isn't good enough, it begs the question, what type of WR? A deep threat? another Crabquan clone? Honestly? I don't really care. Talent should be the main objective in drafting a player. If he compliments the other players on your roster great, but I would much rather have another Michael Crabtree than another AJ Jenkins or Jon Baldwin. To the links!

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