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Colin Kaepernick tweets out post-workout picture with Quinton Patton, Nick Moody, others

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick tweeted out a picture from his latest workout session, which included wide receiver Quinton Patton.

Kevin C. Cox

We've heard plenty of word about Colin Kaepernick getting in workouts down in South Florida, but a frequent question has been if Quinton Patton, or anybody else, was down with him. It turns out he has been, at least recently. Kap tweeted out this picture, with Patton, Nick Moody and some non-49ers working out.

I'm not entirely sure where they are in this picture. Kap has been primarily working out in Florida, but has been doing some traveling as well. Just based on his Twitter account, he's been to Charlotte, Chicago, and earlier this week, Las Vegas. It's obviously not difficult for him to bounce across the country with relative ease, so he could very well be back in Florida. Fooch's Update: Patton tweeted they were in Florida.

The 49ers can start their official offseason workout program on April 21, which is 18 days from now. At that point, most of the team will be back in Santa Clara. Some veterans may choose to work out on their own, but for players with a workout bonus, they will be looking to stick around and earn that bonus. The first two weeks will be strength and conditioning work, as well as rehab for injured players. After that, they start to get into coaching and playbook implementation.