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Golden Nuggets: Moving On Up

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

Streeter Lecka

The great debate remains with the San Francisco 49ers 1st round draft pick. Do they choose a corner or a wide receiver? Both are easily their most pressing needs. Almost every day, reports change about what position they plan on taking. Niner fans seem to be open about either position being picked 1st. I think this debate would not be around if the Niners had a pick in the top 10. It seems that they would have chosen a WR if that were the case, considering the talent/size available in that position. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans, the top WRs in this draft, look sure to be gone by the 10th pick. After those 2 players, draft experts debate who are the next top WRs.

My opinion is that Trent Baalke will definitely identify a player he wants and he will move up into the middle of the 1st round. He has many draft picks that he could use to trade to a team that needs more pieces than the Niners need. Who that player he and Harbaugh would want is up for debate. I tend to believe it would be a wide receiver. Beckham Jr, Lee, and Benjamin have been named as possible picks. Baalke will definitely need to take 2 or more cornerbacks in the draft since they are thin in that position after free agency. With Brown and Rogers gone, they only have Brock, Culliver, Cook, Cox, and Wright. Competition is needed desperately in this position. With Baalke running the show, anything happening in the draft could be possible. Now to the links!

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Non-Football News

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