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Gil Brandt weighs in on various 2014 NFL Draft topics

Former Cowboys VP of Player Personnel Gil Brandt weighed in on Twitter about various topics connected to the 2014 NFL Draft. We break down some of his tweets.

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Wednesday morning, ESPN analyst Todd McShay had a conference call to discuss the upcoming draft. This came a day after he and Mel Kiper posted their fifth mock drafts of the draft season. While they have grown immensely popular in the draft analyst business, I thought we'd look at what someone else has to say about the draft.

Former NFL personnel guru Gil Brandt works for NFL Media now, and he will occasionally do Q&A sessions on Twitter. He obviously does not run a team now, but his extensive history makes him an intriguing follow on Twitter. I don't know how much game film he watches, but I'm willing to at least hear him out on various topics. It doesn't mean he will always be correct, but it's an experienced personnel man providing another opinion.

On 49ers as a big trade-up candidate

I don't see the 49ers moving that high up, but given their draft assets, if they have a particular player they really like, I can't say that any move would surprise me. I think a mid-round move is the most likely scenario, but I'm prepared to be stunned on day one.

On defensive backs

The cornerback class is a deep one, with some big names up top, but then a host of interesting small-school names further down. If the 49ers are comfortable with their current group of cornerbacks, they might decide to wait and grab one of the small school corners for Ed Donatell to develop. Or, maybe they grab a bigger name early, then a small school name later.

On wide receivers

On quarterback prospects

The Teddy Bridgewater chatter has gotten crazy at this point. The Louisville quarterback was at one point considered among the top candidates for the No. 1 overall pick. In short order many now think he'll drop out of the first round. I have no idea what to think at this point. I want to see someone grab him early to middle first round so I can laugh at draft prognosticators.