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Levi's Stadium has its first wedding proposal

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Levi's stadium is rapidly approaching completion, which means the San Francisco 49ers will be moving in for games and other assorted activities. The brand new stadium also means we're about to see a whole lot of "firsts" in the coming days, weeks, months, and probably years. One first the stadium has quickly gotten out of the way is the first wedding proposal. Well, proposal and acceptance.

Scott Onick got the honor of the first proposal thanks to some help from friends of his. The 49ers promoted the proposal earlier today, and it turns out I know one of the friends who helped set it up. After chatting with the friend and Scott, I got a little backstory to this, as well as the pictures i the gallery above. Even if you're not a fan of stadium proposals, the pictures provide a fantastic look at the stadium with the grass in place.

Scott and Sarah are big-time 49ers fans, and they were among the first non-media, team or construction to see the inside of the stadium. It actually took two months to get this all set up. The stadium committee arranged for a private tour, and got the Gold Rush and Niner Noise involved, as you can see in one of the pictures. The timing had to be just right as they needed to get the grass in and everything scheduled. Scott told Sarah they had been picked for the first tour. I've posted some video below. Scott had told Sarah the 49ers were creating a marketing video. And thus, they got the big moment on camera.

To be perfectly honest, normally I'm not a huge fan of stadium proposals. However, Scott gets big credit for coming up with something particularly original in the stadium proposal. He and Sarah get a "first" at Levi's Stadium, and they get the stadium all to themselves (and their friends) for the big moment. I'm sure there will be plenty of Levi's Stadium game-day proposals in the future, but they'll all come in second to this one. Congrats to Scott & Sarah!

49ers Fans Get Engaged at Levi's® Stadium from Channel 1 Media on Vimeo.