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2014 NFL mock draft database: Cornerbacks get a bump following Chris Culliver arrest

We're back with another look at various 2014 NFL mock drafts around the Internet. Cornerback saw a slight increase in the week since the Chris Culliver arrest.


Now that we're in to April, free agency is mostly complete, and there are only a handful of notable Pro Days on the schedule. The 2014 NFL Draft is still a month away, which leaves me wondering how much change we can expect in our slate of NFL mock drafts. People will watch more film, and adjust accordingly, but for the most part, it will be interesting to see how the mock draft media machine adjusts to the extra two weeks until the draft.

Of course, the NFL news cycle does occasionally provide opportunities for mock draft folks to make adjustments. The latest example is Chris Culliver. The San Francisco 49ers cornerback was arrested in a hit-and-run incident last week. As soon as word got out on that, fans were quickly demanding he be released. Although he has not been released (and likely will not this offseason), it also led to people doubling down on the 49ers need for cornerbacks. The 49ers already had a question mark at the position. They had let Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers walk, and aside from Tramaine Brock and Darryl Morris, everybody was signed to 1-year contracts.

The departure of Culliver made a slight change in our 49ers mock draft database, but it wasn't overly dramatic. Two weeks ago, the mocks went with 11 wide receivers, 10 cornerbacks and 7 defensive linemen. This time around, we've got 12 cornerbacks, 10 wide receivers and 5 defensive linemen (and one trade out of the first round with the Raiders).

I don't know if there is correlation between the Culliver news and the mock drafts, but I would not be surprised if it was at least on people's minds. For most people, I think it's as much about how many cornerbacks the team will draft, and not just if they will draft a first round cornerback. I have been thinking they would go first round cornerback most of the offseason, but it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out in the first 29 picks leading up to the 49ers pick.

And in case you're wondering, NaVorro Bowman was involved in a live chat at yesterday, and when asked what the 49ers should do in the first round, he suggested wide receiver.