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Golden Nuggets: How will the 49ers react to Pete Carroll's contract extension?

Saturday, April 5th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, once again we're short on news. I'm honestly wondering if a lack of news in the slow parts of the offseason is better than what we've been dealing with (arrests and coaching rumors) during the "exciting" parts of the offseason. Actually, never mind, I think I'll go with the former.

The biggest NFL news from yesterday was the Titans releasing the artist formerly known as CJ2K. Aside from a momentary thought about picking him up, one that was quickly dismissed upon remembering the RBs we already have, there's not a whole lot of interest on my part. I do think that Chris Johnson could have some form of a career revival behind this offensive line, but the only way I could see us even having enough room would be by cutting Frank Gore. If that's gonna happen, the returning player better be a lot better than Chris Johnson.

Pete Carroll recently got a three year extension with the Seahawks and the nature of our rivalry with them naturally leads many of us to ask "When is Jim Harbaugh going to get an extension?" Tim Kawakami pointed out here that Jim believes that the 49ers will win a Superbowl within the life of his current contract. He is willing to bet on himself much like we heard Colin Kaepernick is willing to do. I fully expect Jim to be the 49ers coach long term, but I do not expect a deal gets done this offseason. To the links!

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