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A Vine trip around Levi's Stadium

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers will open up Levi's Stadium later this summer, opening with an MLS match between the San Jose Earthquakes and the Seattle Sounders. That will be followed by the 49ers preseason and regular season schedule.

The 49ers social media folks have done a great job providing a variety of pictures and video of the construction project. Earlier this week, they posted this Vine video of the entire interior of the stadium. For those who don't know what Vine is, it is a mobile app that allows you to take up to seven seconds of video. You press down to start the video, and let go to stop it. That means you can connect a bunch of different segments together, as we see with this video of the interior of the stadium.

From this vine, we can see they are still installing some of the interior seating, and they will soon be installing the turf on the field. Speaking of which, that turf is actually being grown in the San Joaquin Valley and will be installed in the near future. Phil Barber had a great article about this.