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Vernon Davis turned down Dancing With The Stars

49ers tight end Vernon Davis turned down a chance to appear on Dancing With The Stars. Thank goodness!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of non-news, Vernon Davis was chatting with's Robert Klemko, and he mentioned in the interview that he turned down Dancing With The Stars. The NFC West rivalry apparently goes there as well, as Richard Sherman also apparently turned down the shown

Davis' comments were part of an interesting look at NFL players off the field. Klemko looked at what different athletes were up to in the offseason in large part as they prepare for their eventual life after football.

According to Davis, he was going to take part in a business management and entrepreneurial program the NFL coordinated at Notre Dame. 49ers long snapper Kevin McDermott is taking part, but Davis had to cancel. As we see frequently, his life is filled with an assortment of activities that make him a really well-rounded individual. One of my favorite posts here at NN was about his art work. Two years ago, I had a chance to go to a reception in which he unveiled an assortment of his work. You can check it out here.

In his interview with Klemko, he talked about his various opportunities:

"If it's something I think I'll be overwhelmed with, I won't do it," Davis says. "I got an offer to do Dancing With the Stars this year but couldn't, even though it was a beautiful opportunity. I have a feel for [the demands] now. I know what could be too much for me.

"I feel like in life you keep reaching and reaching until you can't anymore. I take every opportunity because that's what life is all about, especially if you're building positive relationships."

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy he chose to turn down Dancing With The Stars. Had he been involved, I would have felt compelled to watch it and write about it. That would not have been good for ANY of us. I actually could see him being pretty good and doing well following in the foot steps of Jerry Rice (pun partially intended). But I really had no need to add DWTS to my life. So, thanks Vernon!