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Richard Sherman signs photos 'Sorry Crabtree'



Richard Sherman loves the sound of his own voice. Let's get that out there now: Richard Sherman loves him some Richard Sherman. And that's honestly, legitimately fine with me. I have no problem with Sherman as a player and while he's just a tad too mouthy for me, I imagine I'd probably love him if I was a Seattle Seahawks fan. It's this kind of level-headed thinking that I wish I didn't engage in because I'd really like to hate him.

Well, he's making it a tad easier these days. As pointed out by's Dan Hanzus, Sherman is now autographing photos of the pass he deflected at the end of last year's NFC Championship game. That pass was supposed to go to San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, but Sherman got in front of it.

It was a bad decision by Colin Kaepernick, a terrible throw and all of that, but nobody can suggest that Sherman didn't make a good play on that football. But anyway, a photo of a photograph signed by Sherman surfaced on Twitter early Monday, and you can see it below, with Sherman having written "Sorry Crabtree."

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area has some more details on how the phrase came about and all of that jazz. I imagine the majority of you don't care about that and instead are thinking of creative ways to call Sherman a giant tool. Those pictures are not in the hands of the public yet, but they will likely be available "in the next week or so."

This isn't the first time Sherman has attempted to further profit off that play and the beef between Crabtree. He's also got shirts for sale on his website with an image of the play. So I mean, at the very least, Crabtree should feel pretty flattered that Sherman is so stoked to have made the play over him, right? I don't know -- for me this is all whatever. But I'm assuming this comment section is going to be filled with ... anger.

Either way, he's a turd.