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Eric Wright blogs about his return and off-season

We take a look at a blog post penned by San Francisco 49ers CB Eric Wright discussing his return.

Brian Bahr

The San Francisco 49ers re-signed cornerback Eric Wright last month, bringing back the San Francisco native for a second season with the team. Wright has been vocal about his love for San Francisco, even sporting 49ers gear in Instagram pictures during his time with other teams.

Wright also has a website (, on which he occasionally shares his thoughts on various topics. Recently, he penned a pretty interesting blog post, discussing his return to the team, and what the offseason means for him.

In it, Wright first discusses the mutual interest for a return to the team dating back to the end of this past season, and the support he received after putting pen to paper. "San Francisco is where I wanted to be," Wright notes. He grew up in the area, and is now excited to spend even more time giving back to the community and seeing family.

He then gets into the value of time, and how he plans to spend it this off-season in preparation for the club's 2014 campaign.

Wright breaks down his off-season workout and physical therapy regimen in the third section, from massages to flexibility improvements, from four hours a day in the gym to adding in things like boxing and potentially even some MMA training.

"It's just a matter of not being satisfied." -- Eric Wright

He closes the post out with a few paragraphs on the hunger that remains with he and his teammates. It also includes a blurb on the loss of safety Donte Whitner, along with faith in his replacement -- Antoine Bethea.

It's really wonderful look into how athletes train now. I recently watched a video of professional golfer Paula Creamer -- who, by the way, is a Niners fan! -- that showed some of her workouts, which included some boxing drills. Many of these people are born with a tremendous athletic gift, but their bodies don't just stay in tip-top shape with no effort.

Wright seems like an extremely intelligent, well-spoken man who can massage words together to give us a tremendous insight of his thoughts. Bundle that with his work ethic and desire to not fall short again, and you can see why the team made re-signing him a goal.

The 49ers are going to be thin in the secondary, especially if Chris Culliver is convicted of his pending hit and run charges. Having a solid veteran like Wright on the roster to provide depth -- along with providing an example for the incoming rookies -- should prove invaluable for the team.