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Golden Nuggets: On this day next week...

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone, I can officially see a light at the end of this weird tunnel shaped offseason. Yes, the first round of the NFL Draft is officially only one week away. The week leading up to the draft is always fun because with the big day so close, everyone is in the mood to talk rumors. With the teams at the top of the draft, this type of speculation goes on from the day the season ends. But for those of us at the cool kids table conveniently located at the back of the pack, it's a little bit more of an open ended discussion.

I am fascinated with what the 49ers could potentially do in the draft, though more so from a movement perspective than a positional one. I see the arguments for CB, WR, Edge Rusher, or DL so which one actually gets taken doesn't mean all that much. I just want the best player for the 49ers no matter the position. The rumors that the 49ers might move up near the top ten both fascinate and worry me. The target for trading up that high is reported to be Mike Evans of Texas A&M, a fine prospect but the draft capital that such a trade would surely cost is frightening. Nobody wants to be the next Falcons. Giving up that kind of capital, even for a game changer can hurt the teams depth in the future and a major injury can turn a playoff team into a bottom feeder instantaneously. No matter what the team does, the draft is always fun, and just about the only positive to moving the draft back is that the season is a month closer. With that, lets get to the links.

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