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San Francisco 49ers pre-2014 NFL Draft approval poll: Football operations

The 49ers offseason has quieted down leading up to the draft, but there will be some dramatic changes next week. Until then, do you approve or disapprove of the 49ers football operations staff at this point?

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers have been busy this offseason, but their moves likely do not strike most as "huge" transactions. The most notable addition is probably safety Antoine Bethea, since he will likely be starting opposite Eric Reid. However, beyond that, they signed cornerback Chris Cook and wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, traded for Blaine Gabbert and Jonathan Martin, extended Daniel Kilgore, restructured contracts for Craig Dahl and Jonathan Baldwin, and signed Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell to extensions. You can check out all the offseason moves in our tracker.

The Trent Baalke era has brought its share of notable free agency and trade additions, but generally speaking, the 49ers are not a team that makes a ton of huge splashes. They make important moves, but they are not usually in the running for offseason Super Bowl champs. Some people support this strategy, others go nuts trying to figure out what the heck is going on. And some people just want real football to get back here!

Given that the NFL Draft is a week away and the 49ers other offseason additions are likely just about wrapped up, I thought we an approval poll would be of some use. We'll do another one following the draft, but for now, I'm curious how people approve or disapprove of the 49ers football operations crew. I was going to do this as a Trent Baalke poll, but we know there is more to football operations than just the general manager. The buck stops with Baalke, but the 49ers offseason is about more than just him.

With that in mind, I've attached an approval/disapproval poll for football operations. I wanted to establish some kind of baseline, and then we'll go from there. We'll do another poll after the draft, and then we'll kind of play it by ear how frequently we'll have the poll. I don't want to do it every month, because some months just have no bearing on opinions. If nothing happens in a given month, should it really impact your opinion of football operations?

While this won't happen every month, we'll run it fairly frequently so we can attempt to track how people view the football operations department. It's meant to be how you approve of the job they're doing right now, and not necessarily how they've done over the course of the Baalke era. So go to town with your vote, and give us some thoughts on your reasoning.