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New Orleans Saints football ops heads to Las Vegas for final weekend before 2014 NFL Draft

MGM Sports Book

This has nothing to do with the San Francisco 49ers, but it entertains me to no end. The extra two weeks of the draft have thrown everybody off to some extent. We as fans are running out of gas in the lead up to the draft, and 49ers GM Trent Baalke referred to the extra time as murderous.

Well, the New Orleans Saints have decided not to let it spoil a good time. According to Adam Schefter, Saints football operations officials are heading to Las Vegas for the weekend.

Something about this makes me crack up. I suppose they could go with spas and some shows to relax a little. Of course, given that this is Las Vegas, I'm not entirely sure this will be an overly low key weekend. On the other hand, they are New Orleans folks, so it's not like they're strangers to a good time.

I just hope and pray someone on Twitter ends up talking to them at the craps table, or at a strip club, or anywhere crazy and gets a rundown of their draft plans. Or maybe another team hires somebody to sidle up to them and join their crew for the weekend. Get them talking as they're having fun at the craps table, and next thing you know, draft secrets are spilled!