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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Trade for Stevie Johnson, Second Day of the Draft is in the Books

Saturday, May 10, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Andy Lyons

Good morning everyone, day two of the Draft took place yesterday and it was a busy one. Before the second round even started, the 49ers traded a conditional 2015 4th (3rd) round pick to the Buffalo Bills for talented WR Stevie Johnson. Needless to say, a lot of doomsday prophets from two nights ago were suddenly singing Trent Baalke's praises. So after trading for Stevie Johnson the 49ers are surely opening the offense up like so many of us want right? they're sure to decrease the jumbo packages and increase the three wide sets right? Not so fast. The 49ers drafted bruising RB Carlos Hyde from Ohio State, Center Marcus Martin from Southern California, LB Chris Borland from Wisconson, and Injured Guard prospect, Brandon Thomas of Clemson. So two offensive lineman, a big back and Navorro Bowman's potential injury replacement. I really don't know what to make the selections from a scheme standpoint. All I know is that they are good players who represent value at their positions.

So far, I am extremely happy with most of the 49ers picks. I didn't understand the disdain for Jimmie Ward after the first round because he was my favorite safety prospect, he plays nickel corner, and was routinely mocked right around the end of the first. He reminds me a lot of Donte Whitner with top of the line coverage instincts, If he can bulk up a little, that comparison should come to fruition. I see him playing a similar role to what Tyrann Mathieu played with the Cardinals last season and eventually taking over at safety for Antione Bethea. Of all the day two picks, Carlos Hyde was probably the biggest head scratcher, though that is just from a need perspective, he is great value where he was selected. I don't think his selection is a good sign for Marcus Lattimore's recovery, and it almost certainly spells the end of LaMichael James days on this team. With that, lets get to those links.

Stevie Johnson Trade

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Carlos Hyde

49ers draft Carlos Hyde (Ohio State) in second round, don’t seem all that confident in current RBs (BASG)

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Marcus Martin

49ers draft Marcus Martin, who should compete with Daniel Kilgore for starting center job (BASG)

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Chris Borland

49ers pick Chris Borland in 3rd (ESPN)

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Brandon Thomas

49ers draft injured Clemson OL Thomas in third round (Branch)

49ers pick Brandon Thomas in 3rd (ESPN)

Jimmie Ward

(Audio) Fangio on Jimmie Ward: Fifth DB Plays More than NT (49ers)

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