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NFL draft results 2014: 49ers pick Kenneth Acker, CB, Southern Methodist

The San Francisco 49ers made their one sixth round pick of the day, drafting Southern Methodist cornerback Kenneth Acker.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers made what is currently their only sixth round pick, selecting Kenneth Acker, CB, Southern Methodist. He's 5'11 5/8, 190 pounds and ran a 4.58 40. had some thoughts on him:

As a corner, Acker demonstrates an ability to bait and close with an explosive first step back to the football. He exhibits good timing to arrive at the ball and disrupt throws in front of him. He has shown good hands. What we haven't seen a ton of with Acker -- press coverage. Because of that unknown, questions exist about his ability to play a more physical brand of corner consistently, which will certainly be expected of him should he be drafted next May.

The 49ers have two more picks in the seventh round to close out the 2014 NFL Draft. It's possible they package them to move up, possible they unload them for 2015 picks, or they could just decide to grab a pair of players in the seventh round and see what happens. They came into the draft with 11 picks, and as they have turned them into 12 picks, I am somewhat surprised they've used so many. Of course, Brandon Thomas and Keith Reaser are both going to spend the season on the NFI list, so I guess they don't count quite as much. They're practically 2015 picks.

1. First round: Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois
2. Second round: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State
3. Third round: Marcus Martin, C/OG, USC
4. Third round: Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin

5. Third round: Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson
6. Fourth round: Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina

7. Fourth round: Dontae Johnson, DB, NC State
8. Fifth round: Aaron Lynch, DE/OLB, South Florida
9. Fifth round: Keith Reaser, CB, Florida Atlantic
10. Sixth round: Kenneth Acker, CB, Southern Methodist
11. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) - No. 28 (No. 243 overall)
12. Seventh round: own - No. 30 - (No. 245 overall)