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Uniform numbers handed out for 49ers rookies, free agent/trade additions

The San Francisco 49ers have figured out jersey numbers for all their new players. Who will be your first jersey purchase?

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The San Francisco 49ers added a whole host of players over the weekend, and the team announced jersey numbers for the new players. This is useful information for things like the gallery from Monday's football school practice. There is confusion when looking at so many different random numbers, so it makes sense to list them all out. If you need other jersey numbers, check out the roster page.

The following would appear to be "permanent" numbers for the coming season. Some of these players are going to end up on the NFI list to start the season, so they might lose these numbers at that point.

QB Blaine Gabbert – No. 2
WR David Reed – No. 10
WR Stevie Johnson – No. 13 (see Stevie Johnson-specific photo gallery)
QB Kory Faulkner – No. 18
CB Chris Cook – No. 22
S Antoine Bethea - No. 24
DB Jimmy Ward – No. 25
RB Carlos Hyde – No. 28
CB Keith Reaser – No. 31
CB Dontae Johnson – No. 36
D.J. Campbell – No. 45
S L.J. McCray – No. 46
LB Chris Borland – No. 50
LB Aaron Lynch – No. 59
G/T Brandon Thomas – No. 60
Luke Marquardt – No. 61
Marcus Martin – No. 66
DT Christian Tupou – No. 69
Jonathan Martin – No. 71
WR Jon Baldwin - No. 82
WR Brandon Lloyd - No. 84

The 49ers assigned temporary offseason uniform numbers to another handful of players:

WR Bruce Ellington – No. 3
CB Kenneth Acker – No. 38
FB Trey Millard – No. 44
LB Shayne Skov – No. 44
TE Asante Cleveland – No. 45
LB Morgan Breslin – No. 47
DT Kaleb Ramsey – No. 60
G/C Dillon Farrell – No. 63
Fouimalo Fonoti – No. 64

My favorite number right off the bat is Stevie Johnson continuing to sport lucky No. 13. It's viewed as unlucky as many, but I've always been a fan of it.

With the new players in place, have you figured out the first jersey you're going to purchase? I'm happy with my Andy Lee and Patrick Willis jerseys at this point, but if I were to add another one, Jimmie Ward would be high on the list. I'd imagine we'll see a whole lot of Ward - 25 jerseys in the stands this fall. Who would be a sleeper for you for jersey choice? You can start purchasing them over at If you can't find the player you want, click on the "customized" jersey option.