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49ers sign draft pick Keith Reaser to 4-year deal

The San Francisco 49ers have signed their third draft pick. Cornerback Keith Reaser, a fifth round pick, agreed to terms on 4-year deals. We break down some estimates on their contracts.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are three days into their rookie development program, and they have locked up three of their 12 picks from the 2014 NFL Draft. A day after signing Aaron Lynch and Kaleb Ramsey, the 49ers locked up Florida Atlantic cornerback Keith Reaser to a 4-year deal. He was the second of their fifth round picks. Down below I've posted an estimate of his rookie contract, courtesy of Over The Cap.

Reaser is very likely going to spend the 2014 season on the NFI list as he recovers from ACL surgery. He suffered the injury in the fall, and had surgery then. However, the cadaver graft used was rejected by his body. He had to have a second surgery in February, which re-set his recovery timetable. If he sits out the season on the NFI list, he would clock in one year for purposes of his contract, but he would not accrue a season toward free agency. Instead, he would enter year 2 of his contract, and if healthy the remaining three seasons, when his 4-year contract ends, he would be a restricted free agent. It takes four years of accrued service to be an unrestricted free agent.

Reaser is incredibly fast, having reportedly run a 4.32 40 last year. He's not overly big, so physical play might not be his forte right off the bat. However, you can't teach that kind of speed. I'd imagine he'll eventually get some opportunities on special teams, but give him some time with secondary coach Ed Donatell, and maybe they make some good things happen.

Keith Reaser

Signing Bonus: $164,800
2014 base: $420,000
2015 base: $510,000
2016 base: $600,000
2017 base: $690,000

The base salaries are based on the minimum for each year, which is found in Article 26, Section 1 of the CBA. The contracts are generally not guaranteed aside from the signing bonus. There is no fifth year option for non-first round picks, but for picks in rounds three through seven, there is the proven performance escalatorBruce Miller and Chris Culliver both qualified for the PPE, which resulted in a bump in their respective 2014 salaries.

49ers 2014 draft class

1 (30). Jimmie Ward, DB, Northern Illinois
2 (57). Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State
3 (70). Marcus Martin, C, USC
3 (77). Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin
3 (100). Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson
4 (106). Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina
4 (129). Dontae Johnson, CB, NC State
5 (150). Aaron Lynch, DE/OLB, South Florida - SIGNED
5 (170). Keith Reaser, CB, Florida Atlantic - SIGNED
6 (180). Kenneth Acker, CB, SMU
7 (243). Kaleb Ramsey, DE, Boston College - SIGNED
7 (245). Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma