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When will Colin Kaepernick sign a contract extension?

The San Francisco 49ers will look to get Colin Kaepernick signed to a contract extension as soon as possible. It's time for a poll on when you think such a deal will happen.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have spent this week getting their recent draft picks locked up to 4-year contracts. With five contracts down, they should have little trouble getting the rest finished up. Once that's out of the way, there will still be plenty of work for football operations to deal with over the summer. Among others, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Mike Iupati, and Chris Culliver are all due for their first taste of free agency in 2015.

Thus far, we've heard nothing about Iupati. The 49ers were reportedly going to work on a new contract with Culliver, but his hit-and-run arrest probably pushed that off for now. The only comment we've heard on Crabtree's contract was this comment from Trent Baalke, "We're constantly working with our guys that are becoming free agents to see what it is going to take to extend them. Michael's no different."

And of course, there's Kap. Of all the 49ers free agents, we've heard the most about his contract negotiations, and even that is fairly limited. It reportedly got started over dinner at the Combine, they were expected to share some more specific proposals, and then it was tabled briefly to get the Miami situation cleared up.

Yesterday, Matt Maiocco was discussing the 49ers cap space when he mentioned "The 49ers would like to complete Kaepernick’s new contract before the start of training camp in late-July." I would not call this a shocking revelation. In a perfect world, the two sides would get a deal done before training camp so there are zero distractions. Even if negotiations are moving along in a positive direction heading into camp, a deal still in the works remains a headache the team does not need in such a big year. Getting a deal done before they move into their new stadium would be fairly fitting.

We'll continue to keep an eye on negotiation news, but in the meantime, I figured I'd see what people here think about the negotiation. I've attached a poll that hopefully is not too confusing. I wanted to include as many options as possible without getting too super detailed. If you think he is franchised in 2015 and then again in 2016, and then signs an extension, vote "Franchise tag for 2015, new deal sometime after that". If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.