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Las Vegas Hotel & Casino releases updated NFL win totals for 2014

The Las Vegas Hotel & Casino released their win totals for the 2014 season. The numbers include the 49ers at 10.5, while the Seahawks sit at 11. Could either slip much below those?

MGM Sports Book

The Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SuperBook has released their latest win totals, upon which gamblers can bet the over/under. LVH already released a host of game lines earlier this month, including 11 different 49ers games. Their win totals shape up as follows for the NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks - 11
San Francisco 49ers - 10.5
Arizona Cardinals - 7.5
St. Louis Rams - 7.5

In looking through these, I would be inclined to take the over on the Cardinals and 49ers, while the Seahawks are a bit tougher a call. As for the Rams, I'd like to think they'll improve this year, but I could see them slipping in at 7-9 by the end of the season. Of course, maybe the Cardinals and Rams flip places this year.

Do you see either of the Cardinals or Rams making a noticeable move up in wins? More importantly, what would it take for the 49ers and Seahawks to potentially slide? At this point, injuries strike me as the only thing that would bring them back down to earth. Sure the Seahawks might slip to 11-5 or 12-4, but if they remain healthy, would they really slip much further even after their loss of talent this offseason? As for the 49ers, there are some areas to shore up, but the talent is deep. Like the Seahawks, if they stay healthy, double digit wins seems very realistic.