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How to find the Niners Nation Podcast

Haven't been notified of new podcast episodes in a while, or can't seem to find recent shows? We're here to help!

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As you may or may not know, we switched our hosting for the Niners Nation Podcast to SoundCloud in order to achieve better audio quality (which we did!). Since we moved things, some people have had a hard time finding the show or being notified of recent episodes. I thought I'd put together a brief tutorial of how to find us and subscribe to new episodes.

If you were previously subscribed to the show prior to May of this year, that subscription is to our old host/shows. You won't be getting notified of new shows since that feed points to a place where we are no longer posting episodes. What you need to do is search for us and subscribe to the new feed.

For iTunes users, search "NinersNation" (no spaces). There will be a few results, but you want the one with the smaller NN logo image and, again, no spaces: "NinersNation". This is the new SoundCloud feed and will alert you of all our new episodes going forward.

We're also available on PodKicker (for Android devices), and you should be able to find us by searching the same way as above. Of course you can always listen from your computer via the embedded player we place in each NN post, or by going to our SoundCloud page.

Sorry for any confusion, but we felt that the initial hiccups were worth it considering the drastic increase in audio quality that SoundCloud offered us. Subscribe and check out all of our new episodes, some of which you might have missed!