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When will Michael Crabtree sign a contract extension?

The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly been in contact with Michael Crabtree's agent about a contract extension. We haven't had an update since, so It's time for a poll on when you think such a deal will happen.

Grant Halverson

Last week, I put together a poll to see when people thought Colin Kaepernick would get a contract extension. 67 percent figured he would get an extension between now and the start of the 2014 regular season, and 82 percent figured something would happen between now and the lead-up to free agency.

The 49ers head into this season with several notable potential free agents. Aside from Kap, the 49ers have to figure out the situations of Michael Crabtree, Mike Iupati, and Chris Culliver. All are free agents at the end of this season, and with only one franchise tag to potentially use, there will either be extensions or players walking from his group.

Trent Baalke was asked specifically about Crabtree's status late last month:

We're constantly working with our guys that are becoming free agents to see what it is going to take to extend them. Michael's no different. He's a darn good football player. A guy we drafted. We are always going to try to keep our own guys rather than go into free agency and pay guys who haven't invested themselves in this place like these guys have.

When and if the 49ers get a deal done with Michael Crabtree, I have to think it comes after Colin Kaepernick gets a contract. I suppose the team could figure out the "smaller" deals to set up their space for Kap, but I think it makes more sense to get the big one done. Any Kap contract is going to take a sizable chunk of cap space, and if you're convinced you can get that done, it just seems to make sense to get it sorted out first. I could be wrong, but I suspect that's the next big 49ers extension to get done.

I've dropped in the same poll I used for the similar Colin Kaepernick post. When do you see Crabtree signing a contract extension? I don't want to influence anybody, so I'm going to wait a bit and then drop my thoughts in the comments (and probably up here as well). I'm curious to see what people think given that Crabtree's future with the team remains a fairly contentious topic.