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Madden 15 cover vote: Colin Kaepernick vs. Richard Sherman

Madden Cover vote

In case you were not aware, the folks at EA Sports and ESPN are in the midst of the annual vote for the Madden cover. The vote is now down to the Final 4, and the cover of Madden 15 will feature either Colin Kaepernick, Richard Sherman, Cam Newton or Andrew Luck. And best of all (or worst of all, I don't really know), Kap and Sherman are squaring off in one of the semifinals!

People have varying opinions on the Madden cover. Plenty of people see it as a curse on the winner. Google "Madden curse" and you'll see endless discussion. Personally, I don't think there is a curse, but I know plenty of folks do. I've included a poll to see what people think about the curse. People who think there is a curse seem a lot more vocal than those that don't care, so it's hard to tell if it's a vocal minority, or an actual majority.

I'd imagine your curse belief will dictate whether you vote for Kap or Sherman. It does amuse me that some fans can't stand Sherman, but will vote for him to get more publicity because of their belief in a curse.

Whether you believe in a curse or not, it's still fitting that Kap and Sherman are squaring off. It would be better in the finals, but I suppose it's also fitting they once again square off in the semifinals. They'll be matching up hopefully for years to come. Sherman signed his extension with the Seattle Seahawks, and hopefully Kap is not too far behind. It should make for a fun few years.